• yossi

    I’m waiting for Daf 13, I like to do it at night (following Va’yehi Erev Va’yehi Boker)

    • http://finkorswim.com E. Fink

      Audio will be up in a couple of minutes. Video by the morning.


      • Yossi

        Thanks, anyways I usually just use the audio,
        and once again a personal Thanks that you usually put it up at night,
        also the pace is awesome, it keeps me from spacing out

  • meir

    Meir says
    Summary of 12a todays blatt according to rashi
    I shall use y for yes or correct instead of a tick and x for no or incorrect.

    Water begin x end y ?
    Shachris begin x end y Y Rav
    Shachris begin x end y chasima y Y R Yochanan
    Bread begin x end y ?
    Dates begin x end y Y
    Dates begin x end x Y

  • meir

    Meir on 12a
    He has (white) wine.
    At the beginning of the brocho.
    Thinks its wine =1 thinks its water =x
    Intends to make hagofen=2, shehakol =x
    End of brocho
    Think its wine =3 water =x
    Makes hagofen = 4 shehakol x.
    This results in 2*2*2*2=16 possibilities.
    One must remember that one can make shehakol on wine but not hagofen on water. Even so one must include them for completeness.
    One has to write them all out like this and decide which the gemoro mentions, which are ‘impossible but only included for completeness and what the din is for the ones the gemoro does not mention.
    Beginning End
    Thinks Intends Thinks Makes
    x x x x
    1 x x x
    1 2 x x
    1 2 3 x
    1 2 3 4
    1 2 x 4
    1 x 3 4
    1 x 3 x
    1 x x 4
    x 2 x x
    x 2 3 x
    x 2 3 4
    x 2 x 4
    x x 3 x
    x x 3 4
    x x x 4