• Yaakov

    I just want to express my appreciation that you have been posting these so early in the (Israeli) day – it’s a great way to start the morning!

  • Howard

    Thank you so much for enabling me to learn the daf each day! Please keep it going!

  • MarkSoFla

    אל יתפלל אדם אלא בבית שיש שם חלונות

    This reminds me of a particularly inspiring moment of tefillah for me. It was in Yerushalaim and it was Yom Kippur during Neila. The shul had a few tall and narrow windows. Neila is usually a rather intense prayer, we stand for the whole thing, and we muster up as much kavana as possible, and, for me at least, it is the most meaningful prayer of the year. So, right at the point of “petach lanu sha’ar”, a sunbeam from the setting sun falls right upon me and my machzor. It was truly magical.