Brachos Daf 63

Today’s Daf is sponsored in honor of Avi Natan ben David.

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  • MarkSoFla

    Rashi seems to translate מחטא דתלמיותא as something to do with sewing (but I don’t fully understand the Rashi).

    מחטא דתלמיותא. ברושי”ד שלגבויי”ש שהתפירו’ עשויות שורות שורות כתלמי מענה:

  • MarkSoFla

    Interesting subtext of threat regarding terumot and maaserot. The Kohen is an “interested party”, the Kohen also judges the innocence/guilt of the wife (i.e. most likely if the kohen determines that the wife is guilty, he adds poison to the bitter waters, and if he determines her to be innocent, he doesn’t add poison). So here is an implied threat – if you don’t support your Kohanim properly, your wife will end up being accused and judged by the very Kohen that was wronged by your lack of (or inadequate) support.