Shabbos Daf 46

Today’s Daf is dedicated to the safety and security of our brothers and sisters in Israel.

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  • A Listerner

    Thank you for your dedication. I sit here listening to your Shiurim (in Israel- as sirens are sounding) and really enjoy learning the Daf with you all. Thank you for posting the recordings so promptly!

    Thank you for your support and dedication of today’s Daf.

    Thank you

    A listener.

    • MarkSoFla

      And I’ll second the Thank You!!!!

  • MarkSoFla

    I have to wonder, if there were gezeiras created for so many things that “look like” a possibility of chillul shabbos, how is it that the Shabbos lamp is being permitted today. First of all it might lead one to think that a light may be turned off, and even if you claim that people are generally more knowledgeable today and it wouldn’t happen … Second of all, if someone is observing distantly through a window, it would APPEAR as if the light was turned off [on shabbat].

    But I’m afraid to ask about this because no doubt the shabbat lamp (that my daughter enjoys every week) would be declared to be assur.

  • MarkSoFla

    Amazing that the word naphtha dates back so far. Dictionary is “wrong” about origin,says 1565,Latin, should mention this gemara too :)