Daf Yomi Eruvin 14

Today’s Daf is sponsored l’ilui nishmas Reb Yehoshua Simcha ben Raphael and Itta Leah Bat Reb Yehoshua Simcha.

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  • David Mescheloff

    Shalom, Rav Fink! I came and listened only briefly. Your shiur seems good. May I suggest, however, that a beam is not a kooreh, but rather a korah (even in ashkenazis!). Furthermore, since a tefach is 4 fingers, for an extra half tefach to hang over the two sides of a korah that is one tefach wide, that would mean one finger hangs over each side, not two.

    • http://finkorswim.com E. Fink

      Thank you for stopping by. I hope I can relearn to say korah. Thanks for the tip. I am pretty sure I explained the ariach on top of a 1 tefach korah as you described. In any event, it is what I meant to say.