Daf Yomi Pesachim 25

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  • David

    Rabbi, we miss your daf yomi shiur – will you be starting it again?

    • ariel


  • auh

    Behind again! I was so excited to make quick progress catching up, but it’s ok. I’ll just have to find a good shiur when the new mesechta starts :(

  • Joel

    Is there a reason that the daf yomi shiurim have stopped since daf 25?

  • Zev Goldberg

    How about skip ahead and catch-up later?

  • Yermiyahu

    Rabbi, I have been behind before and with your Daf speed I have caught up within a few weeks about 30 daf. Are you going to continue doing Daf yomi Shiurim? Should I try to find another way? I have to thank you tremendously for getting me this far. I feel that with you I can do this. I understand if you have other things going on. Let me know. Thanks. Hatslacha in all your endeavors.

    • ariel

      i say the rabbi should continue with the current daf’s calendar and then catch up one daf a day. so the next post should be daf 26 and that days daf. it will take 30-45 days to catch up but it is manageable.

  • YH-O

    The only way you can dig yourself out of this hole is to pick a day a week in the future, pick up from there, and start banking shiurim. Full in on the stuff you missed if and when you get a chance. I promise you, no one is still on 25 waiting for you; we’ve all moved on and caught up. Forget 25-??. You can always do it next cycle. :-)

    • auh

      I haven’t had time to find a replacement so I’m just behind…

    • sj

      I’m behind as well. Trying to catch up, but I waited too long to give up on this Shi’ur. I’m at 28.

      • http://finkorswim.com E. Fink

        I will be picking up next week from the daf of the day. We will fill in the missing month later. I apologize to all and look forward to restarting.

        • YH-O

          I presume you will pick up with the new chapter that starts at the bottom of 65b? May I put in a request for you to post a day in advance of the daf yomi schedule, for the sake of your Israeli followers who are ten hours ahead of you? :-)