Daf Yomi Shekalim 19

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  • Zev Goldberg

    aww, man… right before the siyum?

    • http://finkorswim.com E. Fink

      It will be up after Shabbos.

      • Zev Goldberg

        How much after?

        • http://finkorswim.com E. Fink

          Hopefully today. Sorry.

          • Anon

            Burned, man. Nearly missed the Siyyum.

  • Auh

    Are we ever gonna get the end of this? Already 11 daf up for yoma and I thought you said you had finished the recording for shekalim before the messechta had started?

    • http://finkorswim.com E. Fink

      I did. I got to find the original audio. If I can’t find it, I will rerecord.